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Photo Gallery

    2019 Dulles SHRM Board Members representing HR Virginia Annual Conference

    Dulles SHRM Board Members attended the 2019 HR Virginia Annual Conference. Five of our Board of Directors members enjoyed sharing knowledge across Virginia's 19 SHRM Chapters (from left to right: Jennifer Regis, Charlan Cornwell, Nicole Davis, Bottom left - Megan Hollywood and Rae Duffy). 

    2015 HRLA Gala

    Dulles SHRM was honored to be a promotional partner for the HR Leadership Awards. Three of our Board members enjoyed the gala (from left to right: Jennifer Regis, Linda White and Madi Robison). Congratulations to all the nominees and award recipients!!


    2014 Dulles SHRM Board - Team Building Event

    "Iron Chef" contest at Cookology

    Have you ever wanted to expand your horizons, give back to the HR community, or build your professional skills?  Consider joining the Dulles SHRM board where you can not only meet others, expand your professional repertoire and provide an opportunity to give back, but, you may get the chance to cook like an Iron Chef.  Say what?  That’s right!  In October 2014 the Dulles SHRM Board had a Board gathering at Cookology that involved a cooking event, which mimicked the Iron Chef model.  The instructions included each team needed to create a full meal, with protein, vegetable, starch and dessert.  The teams could use any of the ingredients in the kitchen, and could reference recipes.  Teams divided by counting off by 1 and 2, then had one hour to prepare and plate their meals.  With a little wine, inspiration, and creativity, the teams created two great meals.  The winning team made a Dijon-white wine chicken with parmesan bread crumbs, root vegetable gratin, roasted tomatoes and Brussel sprouts (the surprise ingredient!), and baked apple crisp.  See, you too could be part of the fun – just reach out to Courtney Nicholson for more information,