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    Flexibility Works! How and why to incorporate workplace flexibility into your culture!

    Date: July 16, 2014, 5:30pm – 8:00pm
    Sponsor ~ Proforma Screening Solutions
    Hidden Creek Country Club
    1711 Clubhouse Road
    Reston, Virginia 20190

    $35 Member, $55 Non-Member, $25 Member in Transition, $15 Full-time Student
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    Chapter Meeting - Dinner
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    With the population aging, the number of caregivers growing and the surge of the Millennial generation within the workforce, the need for flexible work policies is becoming more urgent.  Consider the below:

    • Women without children would rather have more free time than make more money (68%) – even more than those with children (62%).
    • About 40 percent of professional men work more than 50 hours per week.  Of these, 80 percent would like to work fewer hours.
    • One of every five employees cares for elderly parents, a number that could increase to almost half of the workforce over the next several years.
    • By 2025, Gen Y employees, now in their 20s, will grow to represent 75 percent of the workforce.  For this emerging generation, work life fit is valued more than compensation, growth or skill development

    And while many leading organizations understand the need for workplace flexibility and have incorporated it into their talent management strategy understanding that truly engaged employees don’t leave the job behind when they are off the clock or not at the work-site – many still have not.

    Organizations that want to be successful and competitive in the war for talent need to bring this conversation to the forefront.  They need to present flexibility as a solution; as an option for people to do their work in a more creative manner, where and when they can be at their best.

    Can every form of flexibility work for all employees? Of course not. There are situations where telecommuting would not be feasible or working a compressed work week would not meet customer needs. But we must not be bound by the outdated notion that all work must be done within the confines of an office between the hours of 9 and 5.

    Businesses that view flexibility as a solution, rather than another "program" to be added to the talent management repertoire, have the advantage of not only thinking strategically but increasing employee engagement, well-being, and productivity which ultimately results in increased profits and organizational success.

    Learning Objectives:

    Through this session you will:

    • Understand the current state of flexibility within the workplace and types of flexible workplace arrangements
    • Gain the necessary knowledge and insight to build a case to garner support for a flexible workplace culture
    • Examine key HR strategies for implementing flexibility and the inherent obstacles you will face (both legal and otherwise)
    • Learn roles and responsibilities within a flexible work life framework

    About Our Speaker

    Pam Murray is a Senior HR Consultant within the Human Capital Practice of Willis of Maryland.  She is a seasoned thought leader with more than 20 years of experience providing HR consultation and direction to executives, managers and employees across a wide range of total rewards topics for small, medium and large companies within the healthcare and private sectors.

    She has depth and breadth of expertise in compensation, benefits, HR communications, systems and program implementation.  Her background includes several leadership positions within human resources where she conducted total rewards gap and needs assessments and implemented solutions related to total compensation, employee engagement, performance management, FLSA and FMLA compliance, and work life challenges.

    Pam earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Towson University and is a member of both the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and World at Work (WAW).  She regularly speaks on meaningful and relevant HR topics, most recently at the VA SHRM State Conference, Houston Total Rewards Conference, Tampa SHRM Conference and Expo and other local professional affiliation meetings and conferences across the country.

    Thanks to our sponsor ~ Proforma Screening Solutions