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01/2021 Meetings & Events

    January 2021
    Date Event Type
    January 7 Exploring Employee Work and Life Transitions Discussion Group Discussion Group Meeting
    January 20 Looking Ahead: Labor & Employment Policy, What to Watch for in 2021 Webinar
    February 2021
    Date Event Type
    February 4 Leading in the 21st Century Discussion Group Meeting
    February 17 Build Back Stronger: The Power of a P.L.A.N. in the Face of Adversity Webinar
    March 2021
    Date Event Type
    March 4 Employee Relations, Workplace Conflict Resolution and Mediation Discussion Group Meeting
    March 17 Protecting Trade Secrets and Other Confidential Information Webinar
    April 2021
    Date Event Type
    April 1 Strategic Partnering with Executive Search Firms, Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion and Acquiring Key Talent without Bias. Discussion Group Meeting
    May 2021
    Date Event Type
    May 12 Welcoming Employees Back to the Workplace Webinar
    May 19 Deeper Than DISC Webinar
    June 2021
    Date Event Type
    June 3 RoadMap to Hiring our Talented Veterans and Veteran's Spouses Discussion Group Meeting
    June 16 Workplace Support for Grievers Webinar
    August 2021
    Date Event Type
    August 5 Work From Home (WFH) to Return to Office (RTO):The ABCs of Hybrid Work Discussion Group Meeting
    August 18 2021 Membership Mixer & Happy Hour Event
    September 2021
    Date Event Type
    September 2 Retirement Reimagined Discussion Group Meeting
    September 15 Annual Legislative Update; While We Were Social Distancing … Heading Back to the Office in a New Virginia? Webinar
    October 2021
    Date Event Type
    October 7 HR Throw Me a Lifeline - Training and Tracking for Compliance Discussion Group Meeting
    October 20 Performance Management in the Modern Age Webinar
    November 2021
    Date Event Type
    November 4 Intentional Want Diversity? Allyship: Moving DEI Conversations Forward Discussion Group Meeting
    November 16 High Times in the Commonwealth? A look at the state of workplace-related cannabis law in Virginia and beyond Webinar
    December 2021
    Date Event Type
    December 2 Measuring and Assessing Emotional and Social Skills Using the World's Leading Tool Discussion Group Meeting
    December 15 December Chapter Meeting - Holiday Event @ Lost Rhino Brewing Co. Event