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    Look Inward: How to Use Data to Identify Opportunities & Foster Internal Mobility

    Date: June 15, 2016, 5:30pm – 8:00pm
    Sponsor ~ The Plan Sponsor University
    Hidden Creek Country Club
    1711 Clubhouse Road
    Reston, Virginia 20190
    $35.00 Member, $55.00 Non-Member, $25.00 Member in Transition
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    Chapter Meeting - Dinner
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    Look Inward: How to Use Data to Identify

    Opportunities & Foster Internal Mobility 

    Presented By: Adam Calli | Principal Consultant, Arc Human Capital LLC & Human Resources Instructor, George Mason University/Northern Virginia Community College

    What is a “career”? Once upon a time, a career could be imagined as a ladder that we climb, straight up to the top, one rung at a time. Today’s career path is more of a maze—an ever-changing labyrinth of new paths, unexpected turns and the occasional unforeseen dead end—that we can choose to exit and enter whenever the time is right. This new concept is liberating and exciting for the worker, but can be challenging and a bit intimidating to the employer. According to a recent study in Harvard Business Review, only 20% of managers say their organizations do a good job of shifting people across units to support strategic priorities. Of the rest, 47% report that their companies rarely shift people across units and 33% say that shifts end up disrupting other units.

    New metric insights and technologies now give employers the insights they need to help their workers forge a unique path within the organization that combats the feared skills gap and supports the organization’s strategic goals. With integrated tools and on-demand access to information, companies can easily identify where gaps exist and bridge those gaps more effectively. Organizations can proactively embrace internal talent mobility and ensure that each individual is maximizing his or her potential in every role.


    About our Speaker:  

    Adam Calli is the Principal Consultant for Arc Human Capital, LLC and is also an HR Instructor for the George Mason University, Learning Solutions Program and the Northern Virginia Community College Workforce Development Division.

    He has nearly 18 years of comprehensive experience in all aspects of progressive human resource management, in such diverse environments as government contracting, television production, commercial banking, hospitality, and multi-client outsourced HR support.  Adam began his career in hospitality industry operations, before making the transition into HR. Following successful completion of his six-year enlistment he was honorably discharged from the US Navy Reserves.

    As an HR professional, Adam has overseen all aspects of talent development and evaluation processes, targeted employee recruitment, orientation, retention and training systems, job classification, benchmarking, HR business and strategic planning, and compensation, benefits administration and compliance.  In addition, he has extensive experience with the development, refinement and implementation of progressive and innovative personnel and employee relations policies and procedures.

    Adam has proven to be very adept at developing and integrating HR strategies, policies and progressive systems across multiple locations to creatively address each of his employer’s unique needs.  He has managed employees in a variety of functions. He has chaired Personnel, Benefits, Employee Relations, Community Relations, Performance Assessment, Quality Assurance and Safety Committees and has been the point of contact for senior management teams on a variety of projects.

    Adam has a Bachelor’s in Business and Hospitality Administration from The Florida State University, is pursuing his Master’s in Management with an HR Concentration through The Catholic University of America with graduation expected next spring and he also has his SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SCP), Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), and Strategic Workforce Planner (SWP) certifications.

    He is a long time national SHRM member and is also a member of the Dulles and Prince William chapters.

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