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    The Magisterial Spirit of '76 - A New American Revolution in the Workplace and Beyond

    Date: June 1, 2017, 7:30am – 9:00am
    Laurie Smith
    Keller Williams
    4031 University Drive, 5th Floor
    Fairfax, Virginia 22030
    Event Type:
    Discussion Group Meeting
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    With the tools of other people’s wisdom and his own limited but at times sly sense of humor, Thomas  will argue that we should be positioning ourselves to work well beyond the current expected age of retirement of 67.  He will argue that we should aspire and make a daily commitment  to work at least until the age of 76.  He realizes that at first this notion may turn your world upside down.  But after a period of reflection, he is confident you will embrace this revolutionary vision and tap into a new and vital energy stream.   The American Revolution was broadly understood to be evolutionary; a noble experiment to create a stable form of government a step above that which had existed before.  It is now our turn to personally strengthen the American brand of stability, self-regulation, prosperity and freedom in tandem with our increased lifespans.  Thomas believes each of us already has an intuitive appreciation and acceptance of his arguments for relieving the financial pressures of retirement and enjoying longer lasting health by extending our professional careers.  Thomas will smartly march double time through his presentation in twenty minutes and throw open the themes for discussion.  A quick review of the primary figures and documents of the American Revolution will lead to the broad theme; creating a vision and complimentary comprehensive design to achieve long-term success.  A self-confessed self-help junkie, Thomas will stress the value of continuous learning with particular emphasis on reading self-help and business/leadership books, attending HR seminars and putting their ideas into practice.  Many recommended book titles will be included in the presentation.  He will share some of  the most valuable and  recurrent themes from his reading including tips and techniques for; delayed gratification, positive habit formation, emotional intelligence, neuroplasticity (rewiring your brain), negativity bias reduction, the chemistry of resilience, energy creation, stress regulation, mindfulness and alternate achievable forms of daily meditation.  Finally, he will examine the substantial financial gratification of delayed retirement.   

    Thomas is Director of Human Resources for a local government contractor.  He received a liberal arts education from Kenyon College, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science.  He earned his Juris Doctorate from American University.  He enjoys reading revolutionary and early American history in his spare time.

    Please join us for this lively discussion. You are welcome to extend an invitation to interested colleagues.  No fee is charged for attending.  However, registration is required on-line, at least 24 hours in advance, via the Dulles SHRM web site ( -- Chapter Discussion Groups. If you have questions, contact Laurie Smith at 703-362-8082 or or Participation may be limited to the first 25 people who sign up.

    This event has been approved for 1 SHRM Professional Development Credit.