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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Date: June 7, 2018, 7:30am
    Laurie Smith
    Jackson Lewis
    10701 Parkridge Blvd, Suite 300
    Reston, Virginia 20191
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    Discussion Group Meeting
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    CSR = Better Business


    Does your business practice CSR?  And what are other businesses doing?  Come ready to discuss the impact that you and your business can make with real defined CSR policies and practices.  CSR shouldn't be an accident


    And what is CSR?!  CSR is Corporate Social Responsibility.


    Why do you care?  Better communities are created through better people, and better people are drawn/attracted to better companies that care about their community.  Look at companies like Zappos, Toms, and so many more.  People want jobs with purpose.  Create a business that attracts great giving committed staff that are committed to the difference the company makes.  And this in turn will help attract the clients you want.  And all build on a value proposition for staff and vendors and clients.  CSR is good business!

    Our facilitator is Jeff Wu. Jeff is a Father, Husband, Coach, and friend to many.  Another title he loves is a "Go Giver."  His favorite book is "The Go Giver," by Bob Burg.  And he hopes to model his life and business in aligment with the "5 stratospheric laws of success," that are championed and explained in the book.  One of Jeff's deep desires is to teach his kids to contribute to society in a consistent basis.  We can all do good regularly, if not every day.  We don't have to wait until we win the lottery to have an impact.

    He also is a Real Estate Agent and Broker who runs a sales team helping clients Sell and Buy homes in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

    Jeff has been a successful Realtor for 15 years.  The Agent Knows Homes Team is a referral and relational-based business.  And because of the purposeful way they serve their clients, Jeff and his team receive a vast majority of their business from referrals from their clients and supporters.  This is a great virtuous cycle, as it allows them to spend more time and attention on those clients.  Jeff and his team love making a positive impact on the lives of their clients and on the communities that they live in and frequent both professionally and personally.






    Please join us for this lively discussion. You are welcome to extend an invitation to interested colleagues.  No fee is charged for attending.  However, registration is required on-line, at least 24 hours in advance, via the Dulles SHRM web site ( -- Chapter Discussion Groups. If you have questions, contact Laurie Smith at 703-362-8082 or Participation may be limited to the first 25 people who sign up.