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    Performance Management in the Modern Age

    Date: October 20, 2021, 4:30pm
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    HR Professionals are often required to change and adjust their approach to people management based on changes within the company, best practices, and manager experience. In today’s dynamic and changing world, helping managers understand what is required to help them handle the challenges of handling employees in a diverse and remote workforce.
    One of the most important aspects of managing a team is providing regular feedback, while keeping the employee motivated and focused on the individual, team, and company goals. While performance feedback meetings have historically been handled in-person, the past 18 months have proven to us that companies must adapt and evolve the way in which they provide support to people managers. Effective feedback is a focused dialogue between a manager and an employee, a method of sharing information and perspectives about performance. But what happens with that feedback chain can only be provided via video conference for work completed remotely. The goal of ongoing feedback is to identify where performance is effective and where performance needs improvement. Giving and receiving feedback is a two‐way street; both the manager and the employee should be proactive by frequently seeking out and providing feedback. With the added dynamic of an evolving workforce with different demands, performance management must change as well. Organizations and Human Resources must equip their managers with the tools and resources to effectively manage remote teams, including some key strategies for HR to implement within their companies. During this presentation, we’ll focus on some specific areas to help HR professionals create strategies within their own companies to weather the storm of current global dynamic.

    Learning objectives of session:      

    1. Gain insight into how you can help managers better manage remote workforce
    2. Utilize realistic expectations and clear guidance to set performance expectations

    Understand the pitfalls of managing a remote team and how to mitigate the challenges

    About the speaker:

    Lee Mariano is an author, speaker, senior HR Executive, and transformational life & success coach. She centers her coaching efforts around helping clients increase their self-confidence, reclaim their personal power, and rediscover their identity, so that they can successfully achieve their goals; and attain the life they desire most.

    Reputed for her impressive career and expertise as a C-Suite Executive and Senior Leader, Lee proves her tenure in people management and career coaching to be quintessential; equipping her with the dedication and insight needed, to help clients transform their very own lives.

    Lee is also the Founder of Alexidom Coaching, a multifaceted coaching business helping women entrepreneurs and leaders rediscover their power and use the strength of the voice to live life on their own terms.

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