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    Self-Care – The HR Professional Must Survive

    Date: March 3, 2022, 8:30am
    Megan Hollywood
    Zoom Meeting - Participants will receive link prior to the meeting
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    Discussion Group Meeting
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    “Self-Care – The HR Professional Must Survive”

    The demands and pressures on HR have always been immense but never so much as during the last 2 years of the pandemic. We have worked tirelessly to help our companies comply with various health and safety protocols while also assisting our leaders and employees navigate how they can work effectively in hybrid environments.

    Perhaps we have even advised our employees on self-care, but how much do we really understand about this topic and to what degree have we been role models for practicing what we preach? This 1-hour interactive presentation is just for us! We must survive and take care of ourselves first, in order to build and maintain a reservoir of energy to help and support others (e.g. our families, co-workers, etc.).

    During this session we will address the importance of Self Care for the HR Professional and more specifically focus on.

    •  Learning the difference between worry, stress, and anxiety.
    •  Recognizing warning signs to watch for to ensure we are properly taking care of ourselves.
    •  Learning the importance of managing stress and why boundary setting is so important.
    •  Learning how to recognize when we might need additional support.



    Discussion Hosted By:

    • Megan Hollywood – VP Human Resources at Objective Interface Systems, Inc.

    Contact Information – | 732-742-3476 cell

    Bryan Clickener – Producer at Arkin Youngentob a Division of Risk Strategies

    Contact Information – ǀ 571-918-1917 cell


    Larry Fleisher,  Principal and Executive Career Coach at LAFleisher & Associates LLC

    Date and Time:

    • 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 am (Discussion with Dulles SHRM Chair, Presenter and Attendees)

    Meeting Location:

    Zoom Meeting - Participants will receive link prior to the meeting


    Larry Fleisher has spent over 30 years as an HR professional working in health care, manufacturing the defense contracting industries. Prior to that Larry worked as a mental health professional. As a former Fortune 100 executive and coach, Larry assists individuals in identifying and setting clear, realistic goals and connecting with their inner wisdom. He serves as a facilitator, accountability and thought partner with each of his clients. His executive coaching and consulting engagements have been varied and encompassed helping leaders and organizations to;

    • Formulate and articulate their visions, missions, and strategic goals
    • Build strong relationships and coalitions with key stakeholders
    • Assess and strengthen their emotional intelligence competencies
    • Enhance their organizational and executive presence
    • Sharpen their communications skills and messaging
    • Improve their time management and meeting facilitation skills
    • Manage organizational change

    As an outcome of Larry’s collaboration with his clients, they tend to think more insightfully, act more strategically, communicate more effectively, build relationships more deeply and energize others to deliver business results.

    Larry systematically helps his clients to examine numerous factors impacting their organizational and personal success, thus leading to more satisfying decisions and outcomes. 

    Larry has resided in the Philly area his whole life









    Please join us for this lively discussion. You are welcome to extend an invitation to interested colleagues.  No fee is charged for attending.  However, registration is required on-line, at least 24 hours in advance, via the Dulles SHRM web site ( -- Chapter Discussion Groups. If you have questions, contact Megan Hollywood at 732-742-3476. Participation may be limited to the first 50 people who sign up.