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Frequently Asked Questions

    PQ: What is a 100% chapter?

    The Dulles Chapter is a 100% Chapter which means that any membership to this Chapter requires membership in National SHRM. A portion of your annual dues is returned to the Chapter. You can designate your Dulles SHRM as your local chapter when joining our Chapter.
    Q: Can I belong to more than one local chapter at a time?

    Yes, you can belong to more than one local chapter. However, only your primary chapter will be affiliated (or linked back to) SHRM National.
    Q: How often does DULLES SHRM meet?

    Our goal is to meet monthly, with the exception of December and the summer months. Each month we will plan to host an in person or virtual session with a speaker and sponsort on various HR topics.
    Q: Do I have to attend every chapter meeting?

    No. While we would like for all members to attend some meetings, you are not required to attend any. Pick one that is of interest to you, or just stop by a networking event to say Hi. We love to see our members. 
    Q: I want to continue my education in HR. How can the chapter help me?

    Our chapter can provide you with networking and mentoring opporunities, connecting you to a vast network of HR professionals. Whatever field you may be interested in, chances are we may know someone!
    Q: Does DULLES SHRM provide job opportunity listings?

    Yes, we have a listing of local HR positions. You can find the titles and companies on the home page. If you see one you like, click the link and it will take you to the full description. You can also post your open positions and/or your resume (HR related) for free if you are a SHRM member.
    Q: How can I become more involved in the chapter?

    Contact one of the board members via our CONTACT US link. We have various committees and projects going on throughout the year.
    Q: Can I transfer my membership from one chapter to another?

    Memberships are not transferable. You would need to pay the annual dues when you move from one chapter to another. You may be a member of more than one chapter however you must designate a primary chapter through SHRM.
    Q: I’m already a member of SHRM. What can this chapter offer me in addition to my national membership?

    Being a local chapter member provides you with a local networking resource. You have the benefit of meeting other local professionals who are facing the same challenges that you are and can assist you with answers to your questions. You will receive notification of seminars and professional development opportunities in your area. You will learn about issues that are directly affecting your community.
    Q: Will membership in SHRM help me find a job after graduation?

    Sure. Most jobs are found by networking and personal contacts, not through the newspapers. Even though Dulles SHRM does not offer any formal placement assistance, we do community work, have local business persons as guest speakers, and network with each other. Some of our members have found internships through the word of mouth opportunities available to them through the Dulles SHRM membership.
    Q: When does my membership expire?

    Memberships are valid for one calendar year.
    Q: I changed jobs. How do I update my current Dulles SHRM member information?

    You can access your current member record with our chapter and make changes to your membership information.  Please login and click the Your Account link.
    Q: Where can I find White Papers?

    You can find SHRM White Papers by accessing
    Q. What are the benefits of joining Dulles SHRM?

    There are many benefits to joining Dulles SHRM, including: Quality professional development programs eleven months a year with recognized speakers who are experts in their fields. Networking opportunities at every chapter meeting. Leadership and volunteer opportunities. Access to the chapter's job and resume posting service. Up-to-date Legislative information and resources. Affordable membership fees that are tax-deductible. The best part...networking. You will meet a fabulous group of people, have great discussions and best of all, have FUN!
    Q. Do you have study groups for earning the PHR or SPHR certifications?

    Not at this time, but we are definitily open to ideas.
    Q. How do I register for and pay for meetings?

    Advance registration is suggested as not all walk-ins can be accommodated at all meetings; however we will try to accommodate. You can register online.
    Q. Is there time for networking at meetings?

    Yes! Networking is what we strive to provide our members.  Once in the meeting room you will have time at your table to network and talk about the subject of the evening.
    Q: Currently, I am a line manager and not practicing HR. Can I still join the chapter?
    You are invited to join The Dulles Chapter if you are:

    A member of SHRM National and actively engaged in or have an interest in an organization for one or more functions of human resource management.


    A faculty member as assistant or associate of full professional rank in human resource management or any of its specialized phases in an accredited school of higher learning.

    A dues paying member in good standing with national SHRM.

    Considered and approved for membership by the Board of Directors of the Dulles Chapter.

    General Questions

    For general questions about the Dulles chapter, please contact:


    Mailing Address

    Dulles SHRM
    P.O. Box 1249
    Herndon, VA 20172-1249

    For a more detailed list of contact persons, go to the Board of Directors. (link to board of directors)